Licenses, Accreditations & Certifications

TSP Environmental is a recognized leader in environmental contracting. Our safety training program requires our professionals to continually enhance their skills with the goal of improving productivity and keeping safety as our number one priority. TSP maintains all the licenses and certifications required to meet and exceed the requirements to perform our work. Below are some of the licensing, training and safety certifications that TSP maintains.


Our Licenses

  • Residential Building – Michigan
  • Asbestos Contracting – Michigan
  • Arkansas Bldg Contractors
  • Asbestos Hazardous Abatement Contractors – Ohio
  • A-1 Unliminted Engineering Contractor – California
  • Detroit – Wrecking Contractor
  • Lead Abatement – Michigan
  • Detroit – Wrecking Contractor – LLC

Our Safety Training and Certifications

  • Asbestos Abatement Project Designer License (OH)
  • Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist, State of Ohio
  • Certified Underground Storage Tank Professional (CP), State of Michigan
  • First Aid / CPR / AED
  • Lead Inspector / Lead Risk Assessor, State of Michigan
  • SNT-TC-1A Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Storm Water Management, Construction and Industrial Sites, State of Michigan
  • Aerial Lift Operation
  • Asbestos Building Inspector, State of Michigan
  • Asbestos Management Planner, State of Michigan
  • Certified Welder – SMAW
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), 40-hour, 29 CFR
  • LEAD Supervisor License (MI)
  • OSHA Construction Safety Training, 10-hour and 30-hour, 29 CFR 1926
  • SNT-TC-1A Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Levels I and II, SNT-TC-1A, American Society for Nondestructive Testing
  • API-570 Piping Inspector
  • Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor, State of Michigan
  • Asbestos Project Designer, State of Michigan
  • Confined Space Entry
  • LEAD Supervisor Training
  • OSHA Scaffolds
  • SNT-TC-1A Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • SP-001 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector, Steel Tank Institute
  • Waste Treatment Plant Operator, Class B-3b, State of Michigan
  • API-653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector, American Petroleum Institute
  • Asbestos Hazard Abatement Specialist, State of Ohio
  • Dye Penetrant Testing, Levels I and II, SNT-TC-1A, American Society for Nondestructive Testing
  • Lead Awareness Training
  • Magnetic Particle Inspector, Levels I and II, SNT-TC-1A, American Society for Nondestructive Testing
  • Professional Engineer, States of Michigan and Wisconsin
  • SNT-TC-1A Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection
  • STI SP-001 Storage Tank Inspector