TSP Environmental – Performance

Health and Safety


TSP offers a comprehensive suite of insurance coverage for its services. Coverage includes general liability; hired, owned and non‐owned autos; workmen’s compensation and employer’s liability; pollution legal liability; and professional errors and omissions. The limits of liability range from statutory to $5,000,000 depending on coverage. TSP is able to obtain additional coverage as necessary to meet client requirements for the performance of a particular project.

TSP Environmental is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees. We recognize that whether in the office or on the job site, a single decision can mean the difference between a job well done or a medical emergency. As part of our ongoing commitment to safety, we have developed a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety Program which establishes policies and procedures to which all employees must adhere. Every TSP employee is trained to seek out and identify factors which may contribute to a future accident so that steps may be taken to prevent an eventual mishap.

Our commitment to safety is reflected in TSP’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR). Our EMR has remained below 1.0 throughout TSP’s entire history and is currently 0.76. TSP has never experienced a claim related to health and safety.

Certificate of Awardability

TSP has held a current Certificate of Awardability (COA) since 2003. The COA, issued by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, demonstrates TSP’s use of acceptable civil rights and employment procedures. The COA permits TSP to receive state‐funded projects valued in excess of $100,000.


TSP is able to provide bid, performance, payment, and/or completion bonds for most projects at the owner’s request. Our bonds are issued through the surety authority of VTC Insurance Group. At present, our maximum bonding capacity is $3,000,000.