Six More Weeks?

Environmental Contracting and EngineeringWeekly Roundup

Steel Tank Inspection, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Arizonia

The verdict is in:  Six more weeks of winter yet to come! The cold isn’t slowing down this crew of expert environmental contractors.  Here’s what we did last week: Our Michigan remediation team excavated and disposed of an abandoned underground storage tank for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. We came home from our abatement project in Pennsylvania to celebrate … Read More

Digging the Ice

Environmental Contracting and EngineeringWeekly Roundup

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) Tank Inspection, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Arizonia

As the weather outside froze and thawed, our crew kept level heads as they reached some important milestones: Our remediation team wrapped up at Third Street.  Site restoration is all that remains before we can call the project complete. We took UltraAnalytix underground to inspect a fiberglass underground storage tank (UST) for a new client in Dundee.  The inspection gave … Read More

Working Hard in the January Warmth

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Our crew finally got a break last week as the weather warmed up after two weeks of bitter cold: The warm weather brought renewed focus to our earthworking crew as they kicked off a remediation project in Detroit. Our Michigan asbestos abatement team continued their hard work in Pennsylvania.  The project remains on schedule despite the challenge of being so … Read More

Big Win for Remediation Industry – Legacy Trust Fund

Environmental Contracting and EngineeringPress Releases

In a big win for the environmental remediation Industry, legislation has been signed into law by Governor Snyder that will financially incentivize more cleanups of leaking underground storage tanks (LUST). The legislation passed the Michigan Senate 26-10 earlier this month and passed the State House in June on a 61-46 vote. The legislation is now Public Act (PA) 134 of … Read More

TSP and ERG Team Up on UST Removal Contract

Environmental Contracting and EngineeringPress Releases

TSP Environmental Contracting Michigan, Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Arizonia

TSP has teamed up with Environmental Resources Group (ERG) and to provide UST Removal and Site Remediation for the State of Michigan.  In addition to performing remediation by removing product from the ground, TSP also offers the option of immobilizing contaminants within a defined area.  ERG offers expertise in underground storage tank installation, investigation and clean-up, as well as the … Read More

Cleanups All Season Long

Environmental Contracting and EngineeringWeekly Roundup

It’s getting cold outside, but the hum of our equipment is keeping us warm.  While other environmental contractors run for cover, we’re still pushing hard to make a difference for our clients and for ourselves.  With just three weeks until Christmas, it’s no time to rest on our laurels. Last week’s highlights: We laid pipe for a new stormwater detention … Read More