Hazardous Waste Tank Inspections

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Dye penetrant testing of tank shell.

Background A hazardous waste management company in Indianapolis, Indiana, asked TSP for aboveground storage tank inspections on their hazardous waste tanks.  Their facility is regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which requires routine inspection and certification of waste storage vessels. Services Provided TSP provided SP001 inspection services for seven tanks. The two largest tanks were fiberglass cone-bottom … Read More

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tank Inspections

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Tank inspection technician checking shell plumbness.

Background A wastewater treatment plant requested 27 tank inspections at their facility. The plant processes oily wastewater generated by manufacturing. The plant uses clarifier and oil storage tanks to process thousands of gallons of waste water each day. Recaimed oil is stored and processed in tanks until it can be recycled. The result is many different types of tanks requiring … Read More

Maheras Gentry Park Restoration

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Background Maheras Gentry Park is located on 52 acres of riverfront land that was designated for park use by Detroit’s Common Counsel in the 1940’s. Between 1998 and 2002, $1.2 million was obtained from a variety of governmental and private sources to refurbish the park. That funding was used to construct a new recreation building, a swimming pool, five baseball … Read More

Light Oil Piping Inspection

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Piping inspection technician looking at a valve.

Project Background TSP recently completed an API-570 piping inspection at a light oil recovery plant. The plant operates two 150-foot tall process vessels which receive manufacturing byproducts and mix them with light wash oil. The resulting oil is captured and diverted away from the environment to reduce contamination from the manufacturing process. The vessels are connected to approximately 5,000 lineal … Read More