TSP Environmental Services

TSP Environmental has extensive knowledge and experience in providing a wide variety of environmental solutions. This allows us to provide a complete approach and a comprehensive solution to your environmental needs. The keys to our success are an extraordinary staff of skilled personnel, exceptional communication and an out of the box approach to solving complex environmental issues.

Steel Tank Inspection

Storage Tank & Piping Inspections

Storage tanks are valuable assets and so are the products they hold. Regular storage tank inspections can help extend the lifespan and operation of your equipment and infrastructure. Read more about Tank & Piping Inspection ›

Soil Remediation, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Detroit


TSP’s team of experts have extensive experience handling soil impacted with a wide range of substances including asbestos, petroleum, chlorinated hydrocarbon, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, hazardous waste, PCBs and other hazardous materials. Read more about Remediation ›

Asbestos Abatement, Mold Mitigation, Lead Abatement, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin


TSP staff provides a full set of asbestos abatement services for industrial and commercial industries. Our staff can work with a general contractor’s written project designs to quickly mobilize our licensed asbestos abatement team to begin work as soon as regulatory requirements have been satisfied. Read more about Abatement ›

Turn-key lift station installation program, advanced SCADA alarms, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio

Mechanical Systems

The mechanical division of TSP Environmental offers a complete turn-key lift station installation program. We have in-house controls, engineers, electricians, certified welders, and all other necessary staff to build and/or renovate any size lift station. Read more about Mechanical Systems ›

Bioswale construction, wetland & ecosystem restoration, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin

Civil Work

Our expertise transcends routine “curb and gutter” civil work, allowing our firm to address complex environmental projects ranging from bioswale construction to sensitive wetland/ecosystem restoration, including adaptation of civil projects to include recreational features/uses. Read more about Civil Work ›

Kayak Park Construction Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin

Kayak Park Construction

Our award winning work adds vitality to communities by bringing in paddlers at every skill level. Class I water features, built from limestone or natural boulders and decorated with native plants, provide an ideal setting for families and casual paddlers to canoe, kayak, or tube through an attractive water park with gentle pools and exciting drops. Read more about Kayak Park Construction

Brownfield redevelopment, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Chicago, Detroit, Illinois, Wisconsin


Brownfields are properties that are abandoned and/or undeveloped due to historic contamination or other environmental problems associated with the property. Our staff have specialized training, certifications/licenses and experience required to remedy brownfield issues, allowing for redevelopment. Read more about Brownfields ›

Streambank Stabilization & Wetland Mitigation, Michigan

Streambank Stabilization & Wetland Mitigation

TSP provides wetland mitigation services to multiple public and private clients to provide assistance with regulatory compliance and effective management of wetland areas. Streambank stabilization using construction of VRSS structures, rock vanes, log vanes & more. Read more about Streambank Stabilization & Wetland Mitigation ›

Our Focus

TSP Environmental is focused on providing environmental contracting services to commercial, industrial, municipal, state, and federal clients. Our unique blend of contracting and engineering expertise allows us to provide high quality service on complex projects while saving our clients time and money.