Civil Work

Our expertise transcends routine “curb and gutter” civil work, allowing our firm to address complex environmental projects ranging from bioswale construction to sensitive wetland/ecosystem restoration, including adaptation of civil projects to include recreational features/uses. Our staff has successfully completed dozens of projects across the country including the following types of projects:

  • Bioswale construction in accordance with Engineer’s plans and details.
  • Brownfield-related heavy civil requirements (demolition, remove/replace storm, sewer, utilities, etc.).
  • Habitat restoration, including waterway restoration installation of gabions, lunkers, riffles, Bio-D Blocks, culverts, and other structures designed to restore ecosystems and streambanks.
  • Permeable Paver construction of alternate Stormwater management structures and parking areas.
  • Stormwater and overtopping water control projects, ranging from GeoBlock protection of swales to installation of new interceptor structures complete with removable weir and new 54-inch storm sewer, our experience is quite diverse.