Steel Tank Inspection

As steel tanks age, their metal shells naturally corrode. The rate of corrosion depends on many factors including the product stored in the tank, the tank's exposure to weather, and the integrity of the tank's coatings or linings. While the entire tank will naturally thin over time, tank failures are normally the result of localized damage that can be found during a steel tank inspection and repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new tank.

Our staff is certified under API-653 and STI SP001 to perform above-ground storage tank (AST) inspections. This dual certification allows us to customize inspection plans that satisfy the owner's needs and meet regulatory requirements. Each of our inspections are designed and performed by a certified inspector and reviewed by a Registered Professional Engineer.


Technicians who support the inspection effort certified under SNT-TC-1A to perform all non-destructive testing (NDT) methods used to conduct AST Inspections. In addition, our personnel perform plumbness, roundness, break-over, peaking/banding measurements, 3-D scanning of ASTs and
API-570 piping inspections to meet customer needs.


  • API inspection (API-653)
  • STI inspection (SP001)
  • API-570 Piping Inspection
  • In-Service Inspection
  • Out-of-Service Inspection
  • Coating and Lining Inspection
  • RCRA Certification
  • Tank contents removal
  • Cleaning interior surfaces

NDT Methods

  • Dye penetrant (DP) testing
  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) scanning
  • Magnetic particle (MT) testing
  • Ultrasonic thickness (UT) testing
  • Vacuum box (VB) testing
  • Visual (VT) testing

FRP Tank Inspection

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Plastic Tank Inspection

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