Storage Tank & Piping Inspections

Storage tanks are valuable assets and so are the products they hold. Regular storage tank inspections can help extend the lifespan and operation of your equipment and infrastructure. TSP's Tank Services division will identify problem areas and will communicate ways to improve your structures’ conditions. Not only will regular storage tank inspections help to extend the life of your tanks, piping, and vessels, but they can save money by identifying issues before they become a problem and satisfy your regulatory requirements.

Our inspectors hold industry leading certifications for inspection of steel tanks, fiberglass-reinforced plastic(FRP), and plastic (HDPE) tanks. We take the time to understand each tank’s role in an organization and customize every inspection plan to meet the owner’s requirements.


FRP Tank Inspection

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks present unique inspection challenges. As fiberglass tanks age, structural defects appear in the layers of fiberglass and resin from which the tanks are built. Read more about FRP Tank Inspection ›


Steel Tank Inspection

As steel tanks age, their metal shells naturally corrode. The rate of corrosion depends on many factors including the product stored in the tank, the tank’s exposure to weather, and the integrity of the tank’s coatings or linings. Read more about Steel Tank Inspection ›


Plastic Tank Inspection

Plastic tanks, also known as poly tanks or HDPE tanks, are common in commercial and industrial settings where chemical compatibility or low cost storage are essential. Read more about Plastic Tank Inspection ›