Wetland Mitigation

TSP provides wetland mitigation services to multiple public and private clients to provide assistance with regulatory compliance and effective management of wetland areas. Our experience includes work in active waterways such as rivers or streams as well as inland ponds or detention basins.

Our company has successfully assisted owners with:

  • Stabilization of slopes and streambanks
  • Invasive species control
  • Re-shaping natural streams, ponds, and detention basins
  • Improving water flows
  • Installation of weirs, drop structures, and spillways

Streambank Services

TSP provides streambank stabilization and restoration services with an emphasis on using native species. Whether the need results from a flood or a man-made requirement, such as moving a flowing water body, TSP Environmental has the expertise to meet your needs. Past project experience ranges from restoration of riverbanks with native species and armoring the banks to prevent future flood-prone damage to modifying and restoring ponds and streams to restore habitat of native flora and fauna. Our staff has extensive experience with numerous stabilization methods, including:

  • Streambank stabilization using construction of VRSS structures, rock vanes, log vanes, geogrids, boulder toe with live stake stabilization and vegetative mattress installation.
  • Wetland mitigation projects from re-construction of failed wetland after establishing proper elevation of water within the wetland to re-working water retention structures and replanting wetland plantings, forbs, native seed types. Our experience ranges from less than one acre to a 29-acre wetland restoration project.
  • Whitewater features; from maintenance/optimization of drop features to construction of complete whitewater drop feature and park construction for municipal Clients, our projects have won Outstanding Park of the Year awards.

  • Aquatic habitat restoration projects
  • Wetland mitigation and restoration projects
  • Spillway renovation and restoration
  • River construction
  • Whitewater feature construction and maintenance
  • Stream bank stabilization
  • Stream bank restoration
  • River revitalization projects